Guest Posting by Experts

At Digital Startup, we love to educate and inform our audience – Helping others is what drives us. If you are an expert in your field (within the niche of eCommerce) and would like to write practical, high-quality and actionable content to our audience then we’d love to hear from you.

Our Audience

Our audience are not experts. In fact, most of our audience are just setting out as an entrepreneur in the world of eCommerce. They have an idea and want to sell something online. We are here to help them build their first online store or grow an existing business. Our content assumes that our audience is not tech savvy. The last thing we want to do is overwhelm our readers with new ideas and a lot of acronyms and abbreviations.

Demographically, our audience is between the ages of 25-35, male and live all over the world. That’s not to say you can’t aim your content at a different demographic.

Topics of Interest

Obviously, eCommerce covers a huge industry. Here is a breakdown of Topics covering Tutorials, Tips or Advice that we’d love you to write about:

  • eCommerce Platforms
    • Magento
  • PPC Marketing
    • Google
    • Facebook Ads
  • Content Marketing
    • Blogging
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Mobile Optimisation
    • SERPs
    • User Experience


  • Posts should be comprehensive in explaining the topics and not assume that the reader already has an expert understanding.
  • Topics should relate globally and not to a specific region or country.
  • Posts should be positive in tone, balanced and of practical use. They should also be unbiased.
  • We do not cover commentary pieces such as events or shows.
  • Unsolicited article submissions are unlikely to be published.
  • Tutorials should be over 2,500+ words in length.
  • Images and screenshots that strengthen your content should be included.
  • You must run your article through a compliant spell-checker (e.g.


  • Articles must not be posted on any other websites. Quotes and extracts may be used.
  • You must reference the source of any quotes or images that are not your own.
  • Articles must not be written for the obvious purpose of selling your product or service.
  • We do not pay for articles, but post them under the author’s own name, including a bio and link to their site.
  • Articles are promoted on social media.
  • Links to the author’s site, or sites they are connected to in any way, are only allowed in the body of the article if they are completely natural, in context, and the most appropriate and authoritative source to link to. Any relationship to sites linked to must be disclosed.
  • Digital Startup has editorial control and may change the article content (mainly spelling and grammar) or publication date.
  • By contributing content (including text, images and other media) the contributor warrants that the content owner has given their permission for it to be published on the Web Retailer website and used in third-party publications to promote the article (including social media).
  • Digital Startup has the right to remove any articles where copyright or plagiarism becomes a concern.

How to submit an article

To submit an article, you must first email us at postsbyexperts[at] with your proposal that highlights:

About You

  • Your Name
  • Your Profile Image (150x150px)
  • Your Bio (That we will use as the author of the article) – This can contain a backlink to your Blog/Website
  • Your Website/Blog
  • What you are an expert in

About Your Article

  • Your article idea
  • Why it will benefit our audience

Once we agree with your concept, you can submit your completed article. This will then be held under review whilst we check that the content is suitable and not in breach of our terms.