001 – Introductions

The eCommerce Talk Podcast Reading Time: 6 minutes
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In episode one, Craig and Mark introduce themselves and explain the reasons that lead to both Digital Startup and the eCommerceTalk Podcasts

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Craig: Hi everybody it is Craig from Digital Startup and I am joined by my close friend Mark.
Mark: Hello.
Craig: This is our first podcast. We are virgins to this.
Mark: [laughs] I did not know we could describe it as that way and speak for yourself. Yes, first podcast, I have been looking forward to doing this I’ll be honest because I listen to quite a few podcasts. So yes this is good.
Craig: We thought we would take an opportunity as it is our first one to do an introduction with ourselves. Age before beauty. [crosstalk]
Mark: He has already turned it personal. I am Mark, I have worked in a lot of places with some big companies both in branch and more recently in to eCommerce. Working quite closely with Craig, a branch that will– And now back in to eCommerce. It has done a full circle over 10 tens.
Obviously Craig has got Digital Startup and I think everything that he is aiming at would be something that I would subscribe to because I am probably at a level where I can get myself around a bit on an eCommerce platform, particularly Magento.
But I think I could learn an awful lot, so hence I am here. Possibly as your representative for your audience.
Craig: Yes. At the moment you seem to be leaning towards digital marketing and SEO, whereas you probably know more about that than I do, whereas I know more about the technical side. But we have known each other 10 years now. [00:02:00] It all started with him hiring me as a customer service adviser in a high street store.
Then a few years later you left to go to a competitor.
Mark: I did. [laughs]
Craig: Then I kind of followed you.
Mark: Well we made an opening for you, let’s put it that way. You were head hunted.
Craig: Yes. I started life working a call center as a junior team leader and then I ended up working for a collection department within that company which sucked because it was like my life was being drained from me having to listen to all these customers who could not pay their mortgages and then literally having to pass them on to litigation and have everything taken away from them.
I absolutely hated that. So then I ended up working with you, but I did not know you at the time.
Mark: You hated that as well.
Craig: Yes, that was just as bad. Then we both ended up in eCommerce roles over the last few years haven’t we. We have learnt a hell of a lot. The kind of stuff that we are learning is really interesting but we are learning so much we don’t really know what to do with that information I think.
One thing that I want to do is share what I have learnt with everyone, which is where Digital Startup comes in. Because I want to collate our knowledge together and then put it in as many different mediums as possible, like podcasts articles YouTube videos and whatever else I can get my hands on and just make the information really accessible for you guys to learn.
So that is what we will be talking about in these podcasts. We will be talking about skills, tips, ideas. Just things to get you thinking that will help you with your goal.
Mark: Yes, absolutely. I just want to come back to a point you said about me [00:04:00] leaning more towards SEO and digital marketing and things like. Yes, to a degree you are absolutely correct. But when it comes to it, to apply those learnings you still need to go through your eCommerce platform, so you need that technical bit.
So you are the tech guy, I am looking at the SEO digital marketing in some respect. But I still need to come to you or that platform and obviously that is what you are trying to get across to people is how to use that platform and optimise that platform.
So you are off to a really good start if you have got an optimised platform. The SEO really is a separate bit but you can’t apply it unless you know what you are doing with Magento.
Craig: Yes, that is true. Over the years I have come across problems that I needed to get my head around or I have needed to learn something because I have lacked the skill to do something. The information is out there on the internet, but what I tend to find with eCommerce topics is that the answers that you find on forums or posts kind of already assume that you know something and it is the assumption that will sometimes catch you out.
So let’s say for example you post something a forum asking a question, you might get an answer back but it will be missing key information because they already assume that you know how to fill in the gaps. But I want to assume that you guys do not have any prior knowledge and we want to push everything across to you like you are just starting.
I guess if you an advanced developer or entrepreneur who knows their stuff, there might be some things to take away from it but it is more aimed at anyone who has this amazing spark of a business idea and need help getting it off the ground.
Mark: I think anybody that is looking is probably very nervous about taking the risk of doing a website, maybe investing in stock or services, [00:06:00] does not know quite how to get that off the ground. I think this will be absolutely what they are after.
Starting from day one, this is episode one on the podcast. You are obviously building lots of content at the moment for the site from starting with which server to use et cetera. I think that is great that somebody can find in one place a resource that is basically going to walk them through the conception of an idea to making it appear on a screen in everybody’s home, if people can get to it.
I have learned an awful lot over the last two years while I have been working with you in eCommerce. So I have gone from literally knowing nothing or very little, in to knowing I am quite confident now on certain things. I don’t mess with code; I don’t do that. I can get around Magenta but you trained me to do that and then I am applying what I know on to that.
Craig: That is the beauty of it isn’t it. Because we recently had to learn ourselves that knowledge is fresh in our head for us not to miss any details out. That is what I am trying say.
Mark: We can be as stubborn as we can. I think also if people subscribe to the podcast, we want to keep people informed on things that we have learnt this week. Every week seems like I learn something new. I have listened to a lot of podcasts. I have got a lot of people that I follow. Let’s condense that and hopefully help people along their way.
I would love to hear any success stories that come of this. It would be amazing to say Dave put up a website and he has got his first sale and he did it through Digital Startups.
Craig: I think I will get some real satisfaction from hearing some success stories. It might be the smallest thing like, “Oh wow I learned how to format the writing on this page” or now I make a million pound a month.
Anything [laughs] really. And if you are making a million pound a month, can I have some. [laughs]
Mark: Yes, with his royalties attached there. You need to sign something just to say you give us ten percent. Only kidding.
Craig: No were not. Okay so this [00:08:00] sums up our first introduction podcast. As mentioned before hopefully we will get these out each week. I am aiming for every Wednesday. We will try and squeeze it in our schedule. But until then we will see you next week.
See you later.
Mark: See you.
[00:08:38] [END OF AUDIO]



I've spent a chunk of my career working in eCommerce for a FTSE 100 company where I've worked in Web Development/Design, SEO and assisted in running an eCommerce business. If I can help anyone out, then I'll try my best.
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