Getting started with Google tools

Google Tools

Chapter 1: Getting started with Google Tools

Difficulty Rating of 1Did you know that lack of proper planning and management is one of the most common reasons behind a business failure? If you go about it the wrong way, you risk wasting a lot of time and resources on answering emails, checking the dates, following the analytics of your web properties or responding promptly to your business partners… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Add to that the ever-increasing amount of information constantly bombarding you and disrupting your workflow – it’s so easy to get overwhelmed!  Luckily, by using the right tools, you are able to save a significant amount of time every day, make management of your business a lot easier and achieve a competitive advantage that will keep growing together with your business.

Our Recommendation – Grow Your Business with Google Tools

If you asked average online users about Google Tools, the majority of them would give you answers such as “Gmail” and “Google Calendar” – just like them we believe that, without a doubt, they are perfect tools for sending emails and scheduling. But there’s so much more to Google Tools than calendar and e-mail! In this ‘mini course’, we will introduce you to Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google… well, let’s not spoil the fun – we will help you set up quite a few new tools, to give you and your business access to all of their many benefits and features. Using Google Tools, you can:

  • Keep in touch with your clients, both via personal correspondence using Gmail to respond to emails promptly, as well as a business, to communicate with your customers using Google+ and Google My Business.
  • Establish the online presence and start attracting new customers to your business – there’s no faster way to giving credibility to your business in the online world than using Google products.
  • Manage your day in an effective way – with Google Calendar, you’ll never miss any appointment.
  • Get your products found by customers who need them right this very moment using Google Shopping.
  • Access the most accurate data about your website by analysing traffic and its presence in Google search results (which is the most important search engine for every business; quite possible you have found our website using Google too).
  • Get a lot more done every day – we will introduce you to all the most important tools and show you how to set them up!

Do I Need to Be an Experienced Online User to Set up Google Tools?

Unless you have just been given a computer for the first time, setting the tools up will be a very easy and straightforward process. We will guide you step-by-step through it and show you everything you need to know to get you started. To manage all of the tools, all you need is a Google account, which you will create together with your Gmail account (in chapter 2), and which is considered the most popular, effective, and easy to use email account. If you were to send us an email, it’d land in a Gmail inbox.

How long will it take me to apply each chapter?

We know that time is money – that’s why we are showing you tools that will help you manage your business in a much more effective way. You should be good to go with each of the tools in around 30 minutes – including reading and the setup process. Of course, if you want you can start playing with the tools right away, and considering how advanced some of them are, we wouldn’t be surprised if you spent a few hours checking out each of their many options –  just make sure to come back for the next lesson.

Why we believe Google Tools are an awesome choice for every business?

No other company offers as many different tools, which are interrelated and can be managed using one account and accessed through one website. That’s why it’s so easy to manage the presence of your business. Using Google Tools, you can quickly jump between Analytics, Search Console or Google My Business, and access all the relevant data with a click of just a few buttons. And the best part is – all of the tools are completely free to use (unless you’ll want to invest in paid Google advertising but that’s an entirely different story we may tell you about some other time).  Feeling excited? Let’s move on to the next section of our small guide, and get you a new, professional and safe email address.

Guide was written by the Digital Startup Team