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Oh, YES please!

I’m guessing that your knowleade is greater than some books.
In recent days I spent £30 on a Magento book. It was a waist of money.
I leared here more than from the book…

If you could write something about phpstorm. I mean how to set the soft to Magento 2 projects.
I worked it out how to create a project, conect it to my hosting provider but I think I could work localy and deploy changes to my let’s call it production enviroment once I’m happy with the code.

I think that i could save in phpstorm my regularly used console commands. Anything would be useful.
Thank you.


I’ll go over PhpStorm when I can. I have some heavy deadlines to keep (Day Job) for the end of the month, so I’m tied up with that for now.

However, it won’t be me doing the Developer Q&A. A small announcement will be posted in a couple of hours with more details.

Hi Craig,

No rush. Do it whenever you can.