Can't install Magento 2.3 (The server requested authentication method unknown to the client)

i have been struggeling with this install portion i’m so close but yet so far. to the problem: when i try to finnish step 2 adding a Database it gives a error wich i tried to solve but that didn’t work can you help me?
error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2054] The server requested authentication method unknown to the client

System: CentOS 7
Database manger MySQL 8.0.15
PHP: PHP 7.1.26
Apache: Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS)

I’ve not come across this issue before, but I suspect that it’s an issue relating to usernames/passwords.

Please, can you answer the following:

  • What instructions are you trying to follow ("…step 2 adding a Database…")?
  • Where is the error message being displayed and what are you doing which makes it appear?

This step in the web setup.
When i try to click on next the message apears and i can’t seem to fix it.

You shouldn’t be using root to access your magento database. You should setup a separate username. This might be your issue. You should follow Chapter 4 in this tutorial for best-practice.

Depending on your repository, you might not be allowed to access databases this way via a “root” user because MySQL have increased their security practices in their latest versions.

luckily it was literally as simple as changing the database server username to the one i created.
Thanks a lot for helping me!

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Hi Craig,

I hope you are healthy and well.

I’m just trying to install new Mag 2.3.5-p1 on MV but this time I’m trying to use new Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and straggling a bit.

I tried to use your tutorial but it isn’t any good for ubuntu 20.04. It works fine for U v18.04.

Could you give me a tip on how to install it on the new OS?

Tank you.


To me, “The server requested authentication method unknown to the client” screams incorrect mySQL username, password or database. Do these credentials work when you login via phpMyAdmin? Ubuntu 20 shouldn’t change anything.

I’ll be doing a clean install of 2.4.0 with Ubuntu 20 when it’s out. Probably sometime in Quarter 3 if I were to guess.

I didn’t bother installing PHPMyAdmin.

I simply created db and db_user as you guided here.
This normally works on 18.04.

My credentials are definitely correct. I always use the same credentials when creating multiple test Mags so I don’t need to fish for different ones.

In addition, I tried it several times before asking you and retested again on 18.04 and definitely Ubuntu 20.04 causing the issue.

Reg M v 2.0.4 have you got any gossips about what the new version will bring?

You can verify if you can login to MySQL as magento_user via the CLI by typing:

mysql -u magento_user -p

Then press enter followed by the magento_user password and hitting enter again. If you can’t access it then there may have been an issue creating the user.

As for 2.4.x, I’ve heard/seen nothing since December. It’s all pretty quiet. I think it was originally due in Q1. They normally do some sort of Webinar a couple of months before release. But I’ve received no emails about that either. One things for sure though, it’ll break stuff - It always does :slight_smile: That’s why I wait a few versions after before adopting it like maybe 2.4.2. I’ll let everyone else find and fix the bugs first :wink:


This is what I see. I think that I logged correctly into the db.

Hmm… So, it’s not an issue logging in MySQL via CLI. I guess the security policies for MySQL could be “too strict”. Trying updating the security plugin for the magento_user and set a new password on that plugin:

sudo mysql -e "ALTER USER 'magento_user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'IamAveryStrongPassword483625@#£#@'"

haha :grinning:

I fired the command you sent me and it worked. Thank you.

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