Catalog page not displaying products

Hi, I’ve got this weird issue I have’n notice before.

Products on my shop work properly after searching or typing their individual links directly, however the shop catalog does not show any of them despite them being enabled in catalog and seach.

  1. To explain it better I will say I can go to product page like this:
    HomePage>Product (via search or direct link)

  2. from there I can navigate to category and it will display path like this

  3. the category catalog will work just fine by displaying all the products I’ve added there, but when using the displayed navigation I will go into:

  4. I get a popup:
    We can't find products matching the selection

My guess is that when I was messing aroud with products’ categories something broke and now they are not displaying correctly. Also the shop page has really weird link, even though categories pages have proper shop/category.html link.
The products have on the other hand have so they skip category (which is weird as I recall them having those while back) and maybe this is connected to the issue.

Any ideas?

I mean I can delete all the products and readd them but as thei are quite configurable I’d rateher not do this again :slight_smile:

Can you share 3 screenshots of one of your Categories (backend Catalog > Categories). Specifically:

  1. Content Section
  2. Display Settings Section
  3. Products in Category Section


(don’t mind the fact they are horribly pasted one on another :P)

Based on the screenshots, I’d expect to see both flaga-pion and flaga-pozium when loading the Category on the Frontend.

If you have Flat Catalog Category enabled, it might be worth trying to reindex if you haven’t tried already (ref: How to reindex Magento 2 manually)

bin/magento indexer:reindex