Coffee Break Episode 03 + AMA

Yo yo yo… :+1: :grinning: :grin:

I’d like to do another Coffee Break episode really soon. Just to check in, let you know where I’ve been and stuff. This is also the opportunity to ask me any questions about Magento, the YouTube channel or me (if you have any). Otherwise I’ll just chat rubbish for 10 minutes :grin:

Just leave them here.

Recorded the episode earlier in my lounge, but quality was aweful when I came to watch it back. Apparently, I forgot how to record a video.

So, I spent the evening setting up all my studio gear in my office and optimising the lighting. I had to dismantle my setup and take it half way across the country a few weeks ago for a project and hadn’t set it up since I got back. Gonna re-record the video over the next day or so.

Coffee Break Episode 03 video will be published on YouTube tonight around 18:00 UTC :+1: