Creating a Copy of my Website

I have recently started working for a company that has a magento website. I am not familiar with this platform at all. Are there instructions on making a copy of my website so I can try to make changes there first before I attempt on the real website? Is this what I would want to do to be able to play and learn without messing anything up? All I have experience with is wp websites.

If you have access to the hosting service then I would recommend just making an image.

There is a backup option under System >> Tools but someone else might be better placed to discuss the pros/cons as I haven’t had to use it in anger.

Hi @graves76!

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I’m doing my best to try and put out a tutorial video next week on how to migrate Magento from one server to another. Thus allowing you to simply move your website or create new development environments.

I believe this would essentially answer your question in great detail if you can hold tight?

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Hi @graves76!

Just thought I’d check in and see how you were settling into your new role with Magento. It’s a bit later than I’d hoped, but I finally released that tutorial on Magento migration last week. So, it’s there if you need it.