Dissection of Luma Theme and Sample Data

Hi Everyone.

I’m politely putting a suggestion forward for a Digital startup video or suggestions on where it may already be available in the series?

It would be really helpful to have a Luma Sample Data teardown/ reconstruction for newbies to see how the Luma ( homepage for example) was constructed.

I think it would really help speed up the learning process for everyone.

Any thoughts, suggestions or go-to’s anyone can respond would be very useful.

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Hi Everyone,

this is Max I’m new to the forum and I find it very interesting “thank you Craig”. I give my vote to this topic too, it would be very interesting a video series on how is structured and how to customize the luma theme.

I believe the use of pre-built themes brings big problem when is time to upgrade or to install new extensions.

In my experience pre-built themes may have many features, often never used, that add extra weight/slowness to the site.