🎥 First Official Live Stream Next Week?

Hey all. If I do an Official Digital Startup Live Stream next week, what would you like it to be about? All suggestions welcome, however I won’t be doing any in-depth tech support because they’re too intense.

Obviously, the topic will revolve around Magento. Show initial ideas:

  • Ask my thoughts/opinions over something
  • Review your Magento site
  • Review some extensions?

Either way, this will be an interactive session.

If I get enough comments/likes then I’ll confirm my plans and let you know dates.

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I’d like to see something about the required extensions that are missing from Magento 2.
Things like SEO, SMTP, cron scheduler viewer,
Do we really need one step checkout, ajax cart, new template etc.

I suppose it’s a list of the essentials for a basic site to thrive and a list of the nice to haves and maybe something about not needed due to it being incorporated recently or in the planning stage of core Magento.

I know some of this is probably out there already but having it in one place would be really nice.


If you have some instructions to update Extensions via composer, that would be great.
Updating via composer always hits all the extensions and I would like to choose and pick sometimes.

Also updating Magento via Composer can update too much at once… Any good ideas about that?

BTW: since we are in different time zones… when are you planing on doing that?

Nice initiative @digitalstartup
What would be usefull for me is to know if you where to set up a new magento2 system, by what versions you would go.

for instance version 2.3.4 instead of the newest
PHP 7.2 instead of the latest
version mySQL
version Ubuntu 18.04 instead of 20.04
and more interesting why you would choose what and for what reason.

Also the need for elasticsearch on your website or not. Are there alternatives? what should your server look like memorywise CPU wise. Or may be setup a seperate server for elasticsearch/redis, things like that.