Guidelines when asking for technical help

If you’re creating a post to find help with a problem that you’re facing, please read below.

Everyone here will have a unique setup. This makes it particularly difficult to diagnose issues especially when you’re not using the same environment that I teach in my YouTube Tutorials.

To help answer your questions, it would be extremely useful if you could provide details set out below.

Just answer the questions you know or that you think are relevant to your question.

Ensure that you chose an appropriate title that explains your issue.

My Setup

Important information about your setup

  1. Shared or Dedicated Server?
  2. Did your setup the server or install Magento yourself?
  3. What are your server specifications?
  4. What version of Magento are you using?

What I’m trying to do

Explain what you are hoping to achieve

What happened…

Explain what happened. Is the issue intermittent? Did it used to work? Has it always been broken?

See an example of this post below

Example A

Post Title: “Web Setup Wizard shows error Check component dependency”

My Setup

  1. Dedicated Server at Digitalocean
  2. I setup the server myself
  3. Ubuntu 16.04, Apache & PHP 7.2
  4. Magento 2.3

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to install a module I found on the Magento Marketplace via the Web Setup Wizard. When I try to install the module I get an error “Check component dependency” but it doesn’t tell me which dependancies. I’ve pressed “Try Again” a few times but I keep getting the same error message.

Example B

Post Title: “Receive Operation not permitted error wen running chmod command”

My Setup

Setup is running Magento 2.3 after following Craig’s guides

What I’m trying to do

After I installed a fresh copy of Magento everything is good and everything is working very well. However, when I select the magento user and run this chmod command:

chmod -R 755 var

I saw this issue:

chmod: changing permissions of ‘XXXXX’: Operation not permitted

Have a any idea?
Thank you so much.