How are you getting on?

Hi everyone :grinning:

Recently, I finally got around to launching my primary Magento 2 project, which is now in Live. It was a stressful journey, but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. I even alluded to my stress in a recent post. I assumed that after launch I could relax a little. It turns out that I’m just as busy as I was running up to the launch because of some bugs and tweaks. However, I’m slowly getting through that list and hope to be able to wind down a little in February.

This got me thinking… How you’re all getting on with your Magento projects? What has your experience been like so far? Given Magento’s learning curve, I’d imagine I’ll see some comments venting their frustration… But that’s okay. You can vent here. No one is judging :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps, you could also share what you’ve learned? The floor is yours…

I followed your excellent :+1: guide to deploying 2.3 (fresh install) and, based on the seamless process I also followed your guide to installing a theme. I now have Ultima theme running well on 2.3. I’ve updated basic settings on the theme (colour, menus, etc.).

Right now I’m trying to flesh out content, stock photos and product attributes.

My biggest tip - Backup or take server snapshots VERY REGULARLY. While I’ve learned a lot troubleshooting issues, sometimes it’s just too difficult / too much hassle / takes too much time and you can’t beat spinning up a new machine.

I haven’t launched yet so I’m working on a single server. However, once I have the site launched, I plan on having a second development server for all my pre-deployment testing.

P.S … also check, double check and contact the developer if necessary to confirm if a new extension works with your version of Magento and PHP before buying/installing it.

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Hey @damianduffy. I think your biggest tip is also my biggest tip. When I was developing this project that I’ve been working on, I made a DB Backup and a Snapshot whenever I made any big updates (and labelled them). The cost of creating a backup is nothing compared to the time it takes to rebuild something. I think it also gives you the confidence to make changes, knowing that you can rollback your work if you screw it up.

I also try to utilise version-control on my files by integrating GitHub. Although, that also comes with a slight learning curve.

Based on the rest of your post, you seem to have all the key points covered :+1: