How to blog in or beside magento 2 store

Hi Craig
I want to write some content for whatever product to promote and doing some content marketing and funnels and some SEO things within my website so it does contain blog posts of some products.
my questions are
What is the best way to write a blog post in or beside magento 2 store?
What to use in terms of tools, platforms, etc…?
What is the best practice to do so?
Thank you

Magento excels in being an eCommerce store. In fact, it was built from the ground up for that very purpose. However, it makes a terrible platform for a blog.

In order to embed a Blog into your store, you’d need to turn to 3rd party modules for that. Having tried a few, I can firmly state that none compare to anything like Wordpress. But that’s like comparing a hammer to a paint brush - They aren’t multitools.

Later in the year, I have to do something similar. However, I haven’t yet made a decision myself to go with a 3rd party module or install a seperate copy of Wordpress and run on a subdomain. I’ve yet to work out the Pros and Cons for my project.

Be sure to checkout the following endorsed sites for Blog extensions.