How to edit the success page?

Do you know and where can I edit my success page?

Thank you.

This can only be achieved by overriding the core templates inside of your child theme. I don’t know for sure without doing the work myself, but the files you want to override are located in:


And they should be overridden inside:


If you’re planning to do a load of fancy stuff which involves additional JS and stuff then you’ll want to create a Module. If it’s changing some simple stuff like text and images, then this solution will do.

Thank you Craig

I’ll play with it.

Hi Craig,

I stuck with the success page. Maybe you or somebody can help.

The path you gave me is slightly incorrect. The success.phtm file sits in
vendor/Magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/template/success.phtml but I worked it out where to find it.

I tried to edit the file but I see no results. I even tried to modify the original Magento success.phtml file but even this doesn’t help. I need to remove the info about the ‘tracking info’ as not all our orders will be shipped with traceable service. It is very misleading.

I found this blog post - It is quite useful. It explains how using a block and widget it is possible to add an image to the success page. By the way, I think that there is a bug in Magento 2.3.5-p1 regardless if I set the widget to be shown in ‘Main Content Top’ or ‘Main Content Bottom’ it always shows at the bottom.

In addition, I would like to change the ‘Thank you for your purchase!’ text and replace it with something like ‘YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN RECEIVED.’

Could you please look at it if you find some time?
Thank you.

I’ll try and have a look over next next couple of days. Throw me a reminder if I don’t get back to you by Thursday.

Thank you. I’d be super grateful!

I just went to start building an override to experiment with… And then I read your two requirements:

  1. Change text from “Thank you for your purchase!” to Your order has been received"
  2. Removed “with details and tracking info”

Both of these can actually be replaced with i18n locales, without the need for coding.

Typically, anything you see inside the code <?= $block->escapeHtml(__('Example Text')) ?> is translatable. Therefore, the preferred method of updating text.

As they are both in the Checkout, you’d need to change the locale for that module if you have multiple locale files.

Did you still need to make further adjustments that would require you to override the content of the page?

Hi Craig,

I’m trying to translate the phrase “We’ll email you an order confirmation with details and tracking info.” but with no luck.

I think I checked everything. Can you please look at the attached screenshots. Maybe you spot something.
After I updated the en_GB language file I cleared, flushed my cache, and deployed static content.

Hmm… My en_GB doesn’t include the “\” in “We\’ll”. Might be worth trying without…

"We'll email you an order confirmation with details and tracking info.","You will receive an order confirmation with details",module,Magento_Checkout

It might be that translation files in app/i18n don’t need the “\”. Whereas typical module/i18n files do.

Purely an educated guess, even though it doesn’t make too much sense.

Hi Craig,
Thank you. It was me stupid again.

I still struggle to translate a few phrases. “Shipping” in the order confirmation section, as I changed it everywhere to delivery, “You added …to your shopping cart” to “You added … to your basket” on the product page, and finally my order confirmation page “Subtotal” to "Total (excluding delivery) and “Grand Total” to “Total”

How can I find out where these prases are from, which modules?

I use the grep command to search for partial phrases and then trace them back to their original module. For example, when looking for “We’ll email you an order confirmation with details and tracking info.” I ran the following command from the Magento root directory:

grep -Rl 'email you an order confirmation with' .

I did this expecting at least 2 results:

  1. A phtml with the raw code
  2. A csv translation file

And these were my actual results (xml files irrelevant):


Alternatively, if you’re running something like the i18n translation module we talked about here (Translating Magento 2 - Installing custom language pack(s)) then just search there. It all depends on what changes you’ve already made.

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Thank you.
I translated everything what I needed now.