How to find file to modify css or text

Hi there,
Can any one tell me the best way to find the file to modify the CSS or text on a page like the home page.
For example i would like to simply change the colour of this icon from blue (#40aee5) to white (#fff).

Based on the following:

  • My experience using Porto
  • The fact that the CSS is “hardcoded” into the HTML (i.e. isn’t using IDs or Classes)

I would look inside the Blocks and CMS Pages. But my bet is it’s in a Block with a name that includes “header”. I might be wrong but that’ll be a good start.

…And yes… Hardcoding CSS into HTML is frowned upon and they really shouldn’t do it that way.

Yes it was in a Block that included “header”…
Something so simple has been driving me crazy for weeks :blush:
Thanks again!

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