How to install a free SSL Cert on a Shared Server?

I recently got set up with Magento 2.3 by following the instructions in the youtube video from the lets build series ( Setting up a server for Magento 2 - Ep02 Let’s build series) using the Nexcess installation.
Now I am trying to secure my URL.
What are the steps I need to take in order to do this without purchasing an SSL certificate?
I am a complete beginner at this kind of stuff.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @cameronfroese and welcome.

It might be worth checking out: How to setup Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate with Magento 2

Alternatively, depending on your package Nexcess will do this for you if you open a ticket.

I am using the SIP-100 package from Nexcess so as far as I can tell it doesn’t come with an SSL certificate and I would like to do this without having to spend extra money on purchasing one.
I also tried entering the first line of commands in SSH from “How to setup Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate with Magento 2” When asked to enter the sudo password though it appears as though I don’t have superuser access because it says (“my username”) is not in the sudoers file. Is this because of the package I am using from Nexcess or do I need to be using a different password/ login credentials?

Working on any Shared Hosting service will always have heavy restrictions in place because you share the same machine as multiple other customers. With Shared Hosting, you’re assigned a corner of the web server and given locked down privileges. In this case, you lack the privileges to install anything that requires “root” access.

Because of this, I don’t think your only 2 options are:

  • Purchase a Certificate directly from Nexcess
  • Purchase a Certificate direct and install via their Portal

It may be possible to install Let’s Encrypt some other way, but I’m not aware of any. You may have more luck on the Let’s Encrypt Community Forum instead.