How to install Magento 2.3 (Coming Soon...)

So, as I write this I’m installing Magento 2.3 onto a Ubuntu 16.04 server. There’s definitely a few more dependencies required that weren’t necessary for 2.2.

I think everything from Creating a Droplet (Server) to installing Magento 2.3 will take me about 35-40 minutes. And a big chunk of that time is waiting for Composer to install Magento.

Once I know everything is all working, I’m going to rewrite my notes and do the whole thing over again to make sure I’ve covered everything. I may also do this a third time, as I’m curious if my notes also work with Ubuntu 18.

Last night, I also redesigned my overlay for the video to make it a little easier to follow (I hope). These new videos will also be recorded in 1440p.

Anyway, once I’m happy with everything it’ll take me 2 days to record/edit the video and write the supporting article. I can’t promise when this video will be out… But I just wanted you to know that I’m working on it.

So, I took all my notes from installing Magento 2.3 on my first attempt. As I said, there were a few changes which caught me out. Anyway, I’ve just used those new notes to do the following:

  • Create Droplet (Server)
  • Configure Server
  • Install Magento
  • Install Sample Data

It took 24 minutes and was flawless :+1:

I’m going to try again (3rd time) using Ubuntu 18.04 (instead of 16.04) to see if my notes still work.

Edit: For the most part Ubuntu 18.04 works with my notes. However, there is a pain-in-the-ass bit where you can’t login into phpMyAdmin with the MySQL root user anymore. So, you can’t use a fancy interface anymore in order to create your Magento User/Database. Looks like this has to be done from the command line now. It’s not difficult, but adds another layer of intimidation to new people. I’ve reference how to do that in a separate post if you ever wonder how to do it.

In conclusion, I came across some issues when installing Magento 2.3 from scratch. But because I’ve come across those issue, I now know how to assist if you stumble across the same things. But my video/notes should cover everything. So, if there are any issues then it will likely come down to a typo or missed step.

I’ll try to start working on the video as early as Saturday.

Hi Craig
You are great buddy.

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Good stuff Craig, thank you for doing this.

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Update: 13 pages later, and everything is written up. Hopefully, I didn’t miss anything. I’ll soon find out when I come to record the video. I’ll re-read my write-up tomorrow when my brain doesn’t feel so fried :woozy_face: I’m still hoping to have this done over the weekend, because if I don’t then I won’t find time to work on this again for 2 weeks.

Update: It’s coming up to 1am and I just finished recording. I’m a little concerned about the length of the video at this point. I’ll watch back over the footage tomorrow and start the editing process. Hopefully I turned the microphone on… I recorded an entire episode once with the mic off :weary:

Update: I ended up spending 2 more hours cutting the footage. I just got 1h 44m of raw footage down to 1h 4m. It’s still much longer than I thought it would be… I’m in 2 minds whether to cut out some of my explanations as maybe I’m going into too much detail… I’ll sleep on it and see how I feel.

FYI: This is the breakdown of the video:

  • Chapter 1: Build a basic server
    • Create a Ubuntu Server
    • Create a new user
    • Disable root user
    • Enable the servers Firewall
  • Chapter 2: Convert to a web server for Magento 2.3
    • Install Apache and configure it specifically for Magento 2.3
    • Install MySQL and secure the installation
    • Install PHP and any extensions specifically for Magento 2.3
    • Install phpMyAdmin and secure the installation
  • Chapter 3: Download Magento 2.3 with Composer
    • Create a Magento user
    • Folder permissions
    • Obtain your Magento Access Keys
    • Install Composer
    • Download Magento 2.3 via Composer
    • Set pre-installation permissions
  • Chapter 4: Create a database for installing Magento 2.3
    • Set up a user & database
  • Chapter 5: Install Magento 2.3 via the Setup Wizard
    • Run Setup Wizard
    • Update memory_limit
    • Install cron tasks
  • Chapter 6: Bonus - Install Sample Data
    • Switch to Developer Mode
    • Backup Magento / Web Server
    • Download Sample Data via Composer

Update: All footage now post-edited and graphics added. I’m rendering it now to rewatch and quality check. Once I’m happy, I’ll record an Intro/Ending. Then I’ll put my article together with all of the appropriate timestamps. I reckon I’ll have the video ready and published on YouTube either Monday or Tuesday at 18:00 UTC. I’m getting there, slowly :grin:

Update: Uploading the video to the YouTube Channel now. Should be live today at 19:30 UTC. Let me know what you think of the new format and stuff (either here or the video comments).

Enjoy :grinning:

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