Importing Configurable products

I followed the video to create the configurable products through csv and filled the data and uploaded the same. I see the products visible in the catalog products and when i open the new configurable product, I dont see the simple products in there and neither do I see them in the dropdown in front end.
Have been trying out various options but am still stuck with it.

Please advice

Hi @TarunRupani and welcome.

Are you still struggling with this? If so, please share your CSV so that we can review.

Hello Sir,

I am new to your site.

I saw your video about configurable products.

We have created simple products via CSV file, but when I try to create a configurable product manually and then try to attach the simple product it does not work.

Can you please help me with this?

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We have thousands of items to put on our site. Our data export is all in the Simple product form. To save time, we were hoping to upload the Simple products first, then do an Add/Update to convert them to Configurable at a later time. Can that be done? If not, what is a viable alternative? Write a custom bit for the back-end?

One of the methods for creating Configurable Products is by importing all the “child” (or variation) products as Simple. Then you can either create a Configurable Product that references the other products. I believe I covered this in a video some time ago. It may be in this one Importing Configurable Products in Magento 2 - Ep09 Let's build series - YouTube

Also Emagic Magento Manager can help woth this (not free)

Personally i’d take the time to prepare your import file with both the Simple and Configurable products especially if you have a lot of products. It will be quicker in the long run than regrouping the Simple products manually in Magento.

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Yeah, I’d definitely lean more towards this if it were my store.

Also, there’s no greater feeling that importing 1,000s of products in one go and seeing the “Successful import” notification. Never on the first try though :rofl: