Is there a free Online Server to practice Magento 2.3 (inc CLI)?

I need some help. I’ve taken some courses on Magento and there is demonstration of Magento On Online server and domains they’ve purchased - and also there is much work that is done by Command Line Interface on tutorials.

That’s why please suggest me where to learn these things to do with Magento using Command Line Interface AND also suggest me the free online server to practice on.

If No please Suggest the source to do things(Installation and Maintenance) using Command Line Interface ON Local Host on Windows.

I’ll be very thankful

Hello @M_Mubeen_Idrees and welcome.

To the best of my knowledge there isn’t a “free” service that exists to do what you want. However, you can achieve what you want from the comfort of your own PC.

I would not recommend using Ampps or Wamp to develop and test directly on Windows. It introduces too many variables which interfere with the way in which Magento 2.x runs. There are countless posts where people try this, get stuck and can’t carry on.

However, what I would recommend is installing Ubuntu using VirtualBox. This method will allow you to simulate the exact environment that you would find on a a typical Linux Server - To the point where you wouldn’t even notice the difference between connecting to VirtualBox and an actual Web Server.

VirtualBox is a piece of software that allows you to emulate an operating system on your own PC and use it like it’s running on real hardware.

Typically, building server environments isn’t something we cover here (It’s outside our niche). But someone still might jump in who has experience. In the meantime, you will find these resources super-useful to get you all setup on a VirtualBox at no cost:

Update: The following tutorial is now available for those who want to work locally: How to install Ubuntu Server 18.04 on Windows 10 (VirtualBox)



You can use digitalocean it is $20p/m. I think it is a reasonable price otherwise you could try to use wamp and install your Magento on win environment. I used to play with wamp with Magento 1. I hope it helps.


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I just have followed the you suggestions Thanks for it. Now please guide me that the Method of Installing Ubuntu and work with Ubuntu is SAME as On you Video Of Installation ( How to install Magento 2.3 (from scratch) - Magento 2 Beginner Tutorials [1:04:43 Long] ) and Magento 2 Tutorials for Beginners ?
Please guide me so that i follow the right tutorial for Installation.

I’m afraid we don’t cover topics on installing and using Operating Systems like Ubuntu. That’s outside the scope of what we do here. At Digital Startup, we focus on the Magento 2 Software.

If you’d like to learn mode about that kind of thing you should visit the Setup Support forums and CLI course that I linked to above.

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Thank you soo much for fever and Reply.

Hi there,

I personally use digital ocean but I also wanted to install Magento on my PC using XAMPP and play with it locally.

In the past, I used wamp but this time I used xampp which comes with all components: apache, mysql filezilla. It took me some time to reconfigure the xampp but now I’m straggling to install Magento to itself.

I read tat it is due to MySQL. Can you give me some tips on how to fix it?


Hi PawelP, while installting Magento on Local host there are things to configure but i’m sorry i not know much about.
There are Facebooks Magento Groups, you should post your query there and they will guide you. In my do the same and one of the group member install the Magento for me. That was long process that’s why i not remembered that.


Thank you for your prompt response.
In theory it should be easy. I installed it a couple of times on DigitalOcean following Craig’s video.
I thought that once I reach the install screen for Magento hosted locally it will be easy but it is not.

Hi Craig,
Maybe you could give me a tip on how to bite to error.
Thank you.


I’ve talked many times how I ran into similar problems trying to install Magento locally - Just like you.

It’s why I wrote this post: Developing Magento 2 on a localhost machine (includes how-to)

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Hi Craig,

Thank you. I’ll try to reseach a bit more how to fix the issue with XAMPP and if I won’t have any luck with it I may creat one more droplet on DO.

Local host would save me $240 p/a :frowning:

Anyway thank you for your response and have a good day.


VirtualBox is definitely the way forward for local development. It essentially creates a Cloud Server on your PC as opposed to mimicking a Server (which is where most the issues arise).

Hi PawelP, you continue doing with magento and don’t waste time with LocalHost. I’ll Contact the Person who done the Installation of Magento on Local host for me to Create a video on the “Installtion of Magento on Local Host”.

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Hi Muhamand,
It woul dbe great.

I use DO (digitalocean) It is great. I’m building there my next production Magento and I don’t really want to mess it up playing with too much.

I know that I can easily restore a backup but still, I will be messing with me dev pre-production environment which should be separated from test, learning platform. I don’t ming paying $240 p/a for DO. It is a very good service but $480 :thinking: not so sure. I’d rather use the funds for a module.

Thank you for your input guys.


Heads up… Strong chance I’ll be releasing a “How to install Ubuntu Server 18.04 on Windows 10 (with VirtualBox)” tutorial by the end of the month. I just finished testing my step-by-step instructions and everything went well. This will definately be a standalone video though (i.e. This will be the only video I do on local development), so feel free to create a post on installing Magento 2 on a localhost if you fancy it.

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Hi Craig, it will be the Great.
I’ve seen people searching for Installation of Magento on LocalHost and they not find it and they change their mind to study the Magento. Your this work will help them to Start Learning Magento.
Really Appreciated !

Hi Craig,

Great. Thank you for taking time and doing it.