Live / Staging environment

Hi Craig,

I have been following your videos and these are really great tutorials for anyone who whats to learn Magento. It really help me to setup my store.

Just a request if you have time, can you please do a video on how to setup staging environment on local host like virtual box or xampp and how to pull live website and after changes push to live. There are really very less materials on net on this topic.

Many thanks for consideration and once again thank you for grate tutorials.



Good topic.

I know that it is possible to upload/download a site with PhpStom.
Then you can deploy your changes to the production environment.

My scribble might be useful for you but a good video tutorial would be great.

I don’t recommend tools like AMPPS or XAMPP. However, I did create this tutorial some time ago about setting up an environment in VirtualBox: How to install Ubuntu Server 18.04 on Windows 10 (VirtualBox) - Which you should find useful.

I’ll take into consideration the second part of your request. It’s a topic that’s a little controversial as everyone seems to have a workflow that’s different from the person next to them - Which kinda leads into a rabbit hole of questions where the answers can be unique. I’m kind of hoping that @PawelP ends up becoming the community expert in VirtualBox and PhpStorm :wink:

But sure, leave it with me. I can’t promise when this will happen though as this all takes time, which I don’t have any of.

Hahah very funny Craig and welcome back!

VirtualBox is great and I use it all the time. It is so convenien being able to have a few M installations on a different stages. I highly recommend it.

With regards to PhpStorm I don’t think I’ll be able to contribute a lot. It is a beast. Great, powerfull soft but it takes time to learn it.

Hi Craig,

Thank you for sharing link I have watched that link many times and did few VB installations. All work fine but I always having problem pushing to live. That’s the reason I’ve requested you.

I was unable to fix link between local VB and live when I copied my live site to local VB. Spend few days searching / trying to fix but unable to find solution on how to properly link between local VB to Live site.

It would be very kind of you if you can do a tutorial on how to pull live store to local VB and then push to live after removing / install / testing new module.

Thank you.

You should look into establishing and utilising Git Version Control. It’s a tool that I use to Push and Pull files from one server to another during development. Here are some super-useful resources that will do a better job of explaining this concept that I ever will:

Essentially, you’re using a repository to track your code changes. And on each server you can Push or Pull these changes directly from the server - Rather than having to FTP files everywhere. It’s a powerful tool, so you’ll want to spend a few hours researching what it is capable of and how it can help you.

Personally, I never FTP files anymore because of this tool - Unless of course I’m uploading brand new files or something like that.

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