Magento 2.4 issues with translation some special strings

Hi )
Magento 2.4
I have a multilanguage store.

I used the GitHub method to install relevant language packs The file containing the different language packs is located at /var/www/html/magento/app/i18n/Mageplaza Each language pack such as fr_fr, ar_sa is composed of: composer.json, language.xml, license, registration.php, fr_FR.csv

I have almost everything translated on the website except some special strings:

1-Quantity (on the product page)

2- My wishlist and Compare near the Search bar

3-The whole checkout after I click on add to cart including VIEW CART, GO TO CHECKOUT and you added … product to the shopping cart

4- Translate Enter your destination to get a shipping estimate

I tried to put those strings in my CSV file but all of them were not translated to the target language.

Thank you very much)

Try the inline translation. Activate it from admin settings first and use it with an admin account login to frontend

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Thank you but i dont want to use inline translation
I prefer csv file translation
It is very efficient but i dont know how to manage those special strings

Try it with Craig’s language pack from here :

I’m running it on Magento 2.4.3 and it works fine for me.
I’ve just added lines like this to the end of the file fr_FR.csv to translate into French :
“in stock”,“en stock”,lib,web
“More than”,“Plus que”,lib,web

But most of the translation is already in the file.

There was also another discussion about it here on the forum : Translating Magento 2 - Installing custom language pack(s) - #14 by PawelP

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