🧐 Magento 2 Frontend Audits (Submissions)


If you saw my latest video (New Look, Channel Update & Plans), then you might recall me mentioning some new things I want to try out in 2020.

Well, in the next few weeks I’d like to pilot an episode where myself and Mark (both with years of expertise in Magento 2 and eCommerce in general) sit down together and “Audit” a bunch of websites. We’d identify things we think have been done well and highlight any missed opportunities.

This will be a great free way to get feedback on your website. If you wish to participate, please complete the form below and you may be featured in this pilot episode.

Form: https://forms.gle/2FHWDPQ6gqPuU7867

Unfortunately, there were no submissions at all :thinking:

Therefore, I’ve benched this idea until (temporarily) I get a handful of submissions.