Magento backup problem

I take if you’ve gone through these?

Either way, it definitely seems more like a “bug” rather than “user error”.

I kinda did. I went through A and did upload files from the package I found there but it only crashed my page so I had to upload backup I had done before. The B is different I don’t get the “infinite loading screen” as they did. And as of C I don’t really get that message anymore, I don’t know wheter it was one time thing but it generally is not the issue.

Do you think it’s worth to try reinstalling the theme or even going extreme and reinstalling magento? Or is it better to just wait for the patch?

That’s your call, depending on your patience and free time. Personally, when I go through a rough patch of issues, I like to start again to see if the things I’ve learned result in a smoother experience. Lord knows I must have installed Magento 2.2 about 25 times over a matter of weeks before I was comfortable enough to understand what each step in the process did and why it did it. Which then resulted in me doing M2 videos.

Sometimes, when we don’t have the “expertise” to fall back on we have to “trial and error” in the hope that we learn from our mistakes. And I’ve made soooooo many mistakes :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to post my results. After clean Magento installation and theme installation (actually during theme installation) I still run into “access denied” problem. Now I wonder if there is something I can do while waiting for Magento 2.3.1 patch.
Maybe there is a way to not have any restricitons about who can do what. I mean it’s just me on the server so might as well do this and reverse it later.

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