Question for the Community about Live Streams

My Commitments (recap)

As I recently alluded to in this post (2022 Update: Hey. It’s been a while, right?), I have such little time these days. For example:

  • I’m in the process of purchasing my first home
  • I’m now a Part -Time University Student (whilst still holding down a Full-Time job)
  • I now take advantage of weekends and holidays to help balance mental health (as opposed to work every waking hour)

Streaming (Casually on Twitch)

During lockdown I started casually streaming in the evenings on Twitch, which I really enjoyed. In January I had to pivot from “casual gamer” to “CoWorking/Study Streamer”. This was fantastic, because I still got to stream and hang out with people. It also meant that I didn’t have to “find” time, because I was just doubling down on something that I was already doing.

Twitch Plug :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll quickly plug my Personal Twitch Channel here. It’s a CoWorking/Study Stream environment.

Each hour is broken down into 60 minute sessions (3-6 sessions per stream)

  • 50 minutes of work: we all concentrate on our tasks
  • 10 minute break. we have a little banter, hydrate and stretch our legs

It’s not for everybody, but there is a niche for this kind of stuff as it helps with both productivity and accountability. Not only for me, but the viewers.

Streaming (On the YouTube Channel) :thinking:

So, with all of that said, I figured I’d share a thought with you that I had the other day.

"Is there a way that I can still produce content and support Digital Startup without eating into time I don’t have, just as I did with Twitch?"

I’m not sure I have the answer to that question just yet. But it seems obvious to me that I can still add value live streaming rather than producing highly complex videos (which takes soooooo much time and energy).

My question to you

If I decided to pick up livestreaming on the YouTube Channel, what content would you like to see me fumble through? :rofl:

For example, I could read through posts and answer them live on stream.


Hi @digitalstartup,

In my opinion, it is the content, not the formatting that brings people to your material. For example, I prefer the written articles that go together with the YouTube videos, to the actual videos. For me, it is easy to follow at my own pace, easy to cut and paste. The videos are excellent, but if they were less edited, I would have watched them anyway. The videos are full of content. The formatting makes them easy to understand, but there might be a balance between 0% editing and 100% editing. For example, limiting the editing to cutting the parts that are not needed.

Regarding topics, how to do things that you had to research how to solve is probably the best because you have already done the research, and you can add value.

Thanks for your contributions!

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Hey! Thank you for the feedback. This kinda stuff is really insightful and means I don’t have to read peoples minds :slight_smile:

Hey, just want to stop by and thank you for your tutorials. It’s really well-made, clear and I got my magento working just by simply flowing your steps

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It’s cool to know that much of the content I spent so much time on in the past is still helping people today. Thank you for letting me know :slight_smile: