Request to cover tutorials involving CentOS and Nginx


Do you think you would have time to do a CentOS and Nginx setup video? I noticed you mentioned that there is a lot more documentation for ubuntu/apache online so a video from you would be sweet. A vendor I am working with wants to use RHEL/Nginx for their setup so we are setting up CentOS/Nginx in QA to test and it is indeed not as prevalent in online docs.



Hi @mjamrock and welcome!

I typically talk about stuff I already know about or work with on a day-to-day basis. As I don’t work with either CentOS or Nginx in any of my stacks, my knowledge is either non-existent or rusty at best. I hope you understand.

But I agree, there’s definitely room in this space for someone to cover these topics. If Digital Startup was a company that I invested 40hrs+ a week to, I’d definitely cover it then. But as I only get about an hour or so a day, I have to stick with the low hanging fruit.

I appreciate you reaching out though.

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A good place to start will be cwp pro panel. It has all the possibilities for different configurations including combining apache, nginx, php-fpm and varnish on one domain.

And so much more. Its entirely centros focused.

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wow what @Legend . thanks ill look into it. i know my infrastructure guy is still fighting with his enterprise install, i got my open version up and running thankfully. switched to apache though.

@digitalstartup I totally understand. Even myself, i just did the install and now I need to document and I’m like… maybe next week lol.

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