Review Videos on YouTube

As you know, I’m spending a lot of my free time working on a ton of Magento 2 Tutorials (50+).

But I just want to be completely transparent and tell you that I will also be putting out some Review Videos as well. In the background, I’m negotiating a mixture of Sponsored and Non-Sponsored content.

What types of reviews will you do?

The Video Reviews will cover a mixture of Magento 2 Products such as:

  • Theme Reviews (maybe just 2)
  • Extension Reviews (ongoing)
  • Hosting Reviews (maybe just 6)

Will the reviews be biased?

A) Sponsored Videos

If I’m doing a sponsored video, I’ll give both Pros and Cons. If I think the Product is rubbish then I won’t even both finishing the review, so you’ll never see it.

B) Affiliate Videos

If I spend time reviewing an extension and I think it’s crap then I’ll go right ahead and say it. If I think it’s awesome then I’ll tell you that too.

In summary, I will not allow my opinion to be bought.

Why are you doing review videos?

A) There’s clearly a demand

Purchasing products to expand the functionality of Magento 2 is bloody expensive. And it’s really difficult to know which extension has the best value for money (and who you should purchase it from). I genuinely think that there is an opportunity to provide some real hands on reviews. As opposed to reading positive biased reviews. If I think something should be avoided or I have my doubts, then I’ll go right ahead and say it.

B) Costs

It’s been a long time since I did a Review video, but the good ones sometimes trickle in a small amount of cash from the affiliate links. The fact of the matter is that the time I spend creating content, helping in the forum and covering service costs leave me with a negative balance every month (and it has done for years). Plus, I’m nowhere near covering my equipment costs that I’ve spent for film production.

Therefore, if I can create some Product Reviews with Affiliate links then one day I just might start to cover my costs.

Having said that, making money was never a concern when I started Digital Startup. But it would be nice to know that one day I could leave my day job to work on this full time without worrying about paying my bills.

How often will you release Video Reviews?

There is no schedule. They will simply be as and when. This might mean trickling them out every-so-often or releasing in bulk. I’m simply not sure.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know below.


Hi Craig, I like your videos, they are really very helpful, and i’m looking forward to your reviews~