Server running at 100% CPU and Mem

I’m using Magento 2.3.3
server info:
VPS 7core Ram:6Gb Redis and CDN
I don’t know what is sendmail exactly cause high load

Hi @hashem_hosseini and welcome

I’ve seen this scenario occur a few times, which is quite common

1. Enable Magento Cache (Encoutered lots in the early days)
It’s very typical to see this when Magento cache is disabled because with everything off it just eats resources.

Trying running the following command from the Magento Root Directory and give it a few minutes to settle aftwards:

bin/magento cache:enable

2. Optimise MySQL Variables (Encountered once)
I have also seen this occur after MySQL bottlenecks. Read this reply I recently left for someone (Why is the Place Order action slow?).

3. Reduce PHP memoery_limit bottlenecking
PHP tasks can sometimes get bottlenecked and hog the system. This if often down to the default .htaccess file in the Magento Root Directory. My reply in this post will explain in more detail (Web Setup Wizard cannot pass: "Check Component Dependency").

Only go down this avenue once your ruled out the Magento Cache solution above. If you attempt both solutions at once otherwise you won’t know what the fix was.

Thank you so much,I use your video on Youtube ,They are amazing and I appreciated.
even when I enable cache there are some line under the name sendmail , what is sendmail and they cause high load?
Best regards

this is after enabling cache, :frowning:

I don’t know much about the sendmail process. I suspect it’s a PHP module responsible for SMTP. However, this isn’t my expertise. For server related queries, you’ll get a much better response as to what it is here:

I do believe though that the high CPU of that process if a side-effect and not the cause. Therefore, it might not be worth spending too much time investigating this process.

Also, I have updated my original reply with a third lead for your to pursue.