Showing Category Images

Hi, I hope this isn’t a stupid question.

Is there way of that I can create a page showing my categories as their thumbnails (hope this makes sense)? I’ve googled, and ive found a million different answers. I was just wondering if there is a simple solution that maybe you have used that you can recommend? Its typically Magento that you can’t just drop them as a default widget.

P.s I think you could do with a Magento noob section on this forum for questions like this. lol

Don’t worry, this forum was originally founded to address questions like this.

I think I know what you’re after as we’ve built something like this in the past. Currently, I don’t think there is an easy way to achieve what you want without building a module from scratch.

I can tell you though that @thomas has built a project like this before and could provide you with a quote to build this for you is you PM him.