Starting point for building modules

You will rarely see me talk about Magento 2 Backend Development. And the reason is simple… I am not a Developer. I stumble my way through taking 10x longer to get things done than the experts. For everything else, I hire people.

But the purpose of this post is to recommend a service that I’ve been using recently, called Mage2Gen. It does not build entire modules for you. Instead it creates what I would refer to as a “starting point” for building your modules on top of (aka a foundation). It takes out a lot of the laborious donkey work when you build a module by generating some of the starting files for you.

So, if you’re like me and still trying to learn Magento 2 Backend Development then this might be a good service to help you get off the starting line.

Note: If you don’t understand how Mage2Gen works, then this post probably isn’t aimed at you

EDIT: It looks like the project has been branched and currently worked on by someone else. (Branch: magento-2.3)