Stressful Day 😔 Cheer me up with your success stories

As the title says… What’s gone well for you lately? (Doesn’t have to be Magento related)

I have been struggling with Magento for a while now (read: 5-6 months) and it has been very stressful since the board expected a delivery of the site i Feb at the latest. And I have been “Yeah, I am working on it” for like 3 months now. And I am still like on 30% process. But then a few weeks ago I explored this site and it made me super-calm and happy since I understood its not only me trying-to-build-my-magento-site-without-experience-looking-YT out there :slight_smile: And yesterday I got in contact with a really good guy helping me coding the payment provider extension. Additionally, I just found out that I got accepted to rent a brand new physical store in te best location in the city so that’s gonna be awesome!

Sp keep you head and sight up at the horizon and things seem to proceed easier when you see the larger picture.

Wish you a wonderful day :smiley:

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I had a customer cancel a meeting last minute so I didn’t have to do a 7 hour round trip for a 30 minute meeting in my 9-5 which has meant I can play with magento :laughing:

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I’m glad to see that your confidence has improved. I’ve been there many times when I’ve ran into a wall and felt defeated. That’s also great news about the physical store :+1:

Ha :smiley: It’s the simple things in life!