Suggestion/help related to a Video on Youtube

I came across this video on youtube by @digitalstartup which is very informative. However, I am a beginner, yes literally and I am trying to do and manage everything by myself in order to reduce cost as well as to learn.

Now, in the video I see you importing multiple products via spreadsheet. My question is what is “Configurable products”.

  1. Does that mean, as what I saw in the video, I can create a spreadsheet of all my products and import it via spreadsheet in a single click.

if, then this is a very good feature. However, could you please also tell us beginner how to create such spreadsheet from scratch?

It will be very helpful. thanks! : )

I also talk about this during one of the episodes in Let’s build a Magento 2 store from scratch (Series 1).

Think of a configurable product like an item of clothing. They are the types of products that you can “configure”. For example colour or size.

I feel like I went into this a lot during the 2 Series. I’m not 100% sure what more I can add on the subject to be honest. With both series, you have access to download my sheet and follow along.

I highly recommend doing this, as it will become clear why you have to do what you do. If you watch most of the episodes in Let’s build a Magento 2 store from scratch (Series 2), you’ll see me go over the building on the spreadsheet. If memory serves, I think I spend a lot of time in the first episode talking about it.

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that’s great, i shall look into it. Also, it would be great if you can crop that spreadsheet part and upload it with a different title that represents this particular method, many people might also be searching for something like this.