Theme choices for M2

Hi all, what themes are you all using? I’ve been using Ultimo with M1 for years, but I’ve found it a bit of a disaster with M2, it doesn’t seem to be being updated anymore. Not sure if the developers have given up with it? Not keen on Porto as I have tried that in the past.

What I’m looking for is plenty of features and lots of back end configuration options like you used to get with Ultimo. Been looking at Athlete theme, but I would need to change it considerably to fit the ‘feel’ of my site (which isn’t necessarily a problem if it’s the right theme!)

It does feel like some of the M1 theme developers couldn’t get their head around the new M2 structure and therefore stopped rolling out updates.

I’m still a huge advocate of Porto. Is it perfect? Nope. Does it get me 90% of the way there? Yes. I haven’t purchased anything new in a long time, so I can’t speak for any other rising stars.

You’re gonna have to do that with any theme. The closer the “stock” version is to your own vision, then higher the chance someone else is already utilising that design. I hope that makes sense.

I haven’t had any major issues with porto. I began development with Ultimo and really liked their theme, but they quit supporting it. Luckily, I wasn’t too far in to dev work with ultimo and I then chose to use porto. I have helped them resolve a few bugs. Most of the custom work besides color and very basic layout stuff will have to be done in a custom css file, but it really is pretty easy. It just takes time.

I will give Porto another go, it’s been about 4 years since I last used it, I just think it looks a bit dated. I’ll style it as necessary and see where we’re at after! Really disappointed with Ultimo being let slide by the developers as I love working with that theme, but never mind, onwards and upwards!

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That’s the attitude! The thing that I like about porto is that it is probably one of the most popular if not the most popular themes, so if you are adding extension/modules to magento you’re likely not to run in to any issues on the frontend as a lot of devs test against porto because it is so popular. I’m sure there are better coded and organized themes out there, but I think it is hard to beat. I’ve had good communication with the “help” through their ticketing system. I’m always very nice to them though :slight_smile:

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