Themes and extensions

Hello everyone,

My question today is the following: if I install a theme, can I also install extensions without getting the theme ruined?

Do you advise doing that at all?

I give you an example: I buy a premium theme which includes home page management, a product search filter, product page management, payment page management etc but maybe it doesn’t include a pre order function, or customer subscription, or reward points management…

Is there any chance I can install extensions like these which will complete my theme?

Thank you very much.

There’s always a chance that multiple 3rd party modules/themes can conflict with one another. Often the developers will assist when this does happen. But some developers only guarantee their products when install alone. You’d want to check with the developer before purchasing.

In my experience, most people mix and match products. If I were to give 1 tip, to always try and buy from the same developers as they’ll ensure their modules all work with their own products. Or at least limit it to a few.


Thank you very much Craig!

Craig is right… it’s always a little gambling with finding the right modules.
But most of the time you can also deactivate conflicting theme modules and use the 3rd party just fine.

A suggestion: I like the MGS themes: Lots of modules build in that make a lot of sense. For example the Claue Theme is pretty nice. On top of that they partnered with Mageplaza who have good variety of Extensions.

That’s just from my own experience though… there is many more like that.

Best He’emin

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