Upcoming YouTube Videos (2019)


What videos would you like to see?

  • Magento 2: Installation
  • Magento 2: Setup
  • Magento 2: Development
  • Magento 2: Inspirational / Fun / Random
  • Magento 2: Extension Reviews

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Upcoming YouTube Videos

In the interest of transparency, I figured I’d post a very “loose” list of videos that I plan to create. They are in no particular order, and sometimes things get shoehorned in (or postponed) at the last minute.

In production

Being written

  • How to use (Getting started with) SSH/CLI with Magento 2 (mini-series)
  • Web Host Reviews
  • Magento Admin Overview
  • How to setup Magento after installation

Today I learned (series)

  • How to create and apply a Magento Backend Theme
  • How to hide payment methods on the Frontend (but still access Backend)

On the list

  • Introduction to Child Themes
  • How to customise the Contact Us page
  • More on Categories, Widgets and Blocks
  • VAT (and zero tax areas)
  • Language packs
  • Optimising Magento
  • Magento file structure (and how it caries between installation types)
  • Multi-store sites


  • Setting up SMTP (Extension Preview/Review)
  • Product Labels (Extension Preview/Review)
  • Slideshow (Extension Preview/Review)
  • Setting up Cron (Can now be setup via bin/magento cron:install when ran as magento user in v2.3)

YouTube Tutorials coming in May