Video Tutorial Request for localhost installation

Hi DigitalStartUp and Cummunity, I have seen many students who come with the mind set to Learn Magento and Try to begin the Learning Process with the Installation of Magento on LocalHost because Most of them don’t afford the Servers and failed in Installation. After much effort in installation they refused to Learn Magento and their time is wasted. It Very Highly Recommended Topic to make video on the “Installation of Magento on LocalHost (Ubuntu)”. So the Student learn easily with the real time interaction with WebServer (here With Ubuntu). In this way the Magento will attract more students and users and DigitalStartUp could Help more students to come and Learn.
Please do it as soon as possible !
[ Request from all students who want to Learn Magento ]

Installation is the very early stage to continue Learning Magento. Please Consider as it is highly important.

Is there any one who can Do this important Job?

This is a complicated subject to cover due to the number of variables. However, I’ll consider covering this topic in the future but it’ll be a while before I get there. In the meantime, you should consider reading the following post: Developing Magento 2 on a localhost machine (Not a how-to)

I’ve Read the Your Recommended post that how to set Install linux( Ubuntu ) on Local Host. I’ve Experienced with Ubuntu on VM and it can be installed very easily. The Problem is with Magento Installation. So Help Students in this matter.

Notice: The following tutorial is now available for those who want to work locally: How to install Ubuntu Server 18.04 on Windows 10 (VirtualBox)

It is Awesome Craig,

You Said in Video that “When you run the composer to create project commands you got stuck on updating dependencies including required dev for about 3 to 4 minutes before it did anything, allowing the to do what it needed to do paid off”.

I Not Understand it what’s your mean. How you handle this problem? please give little detail about it.
Thanks a Lot for Full fill the Request of Students of Magento by Guiding to Setup Magento on Local Host. It will help the Students to Learn and Do Magento Easily for EveryOne.

There was nothing to handle. I just waited patiently and made a coffee. It was closer to 8 minutes I waited in the end. I’ve reworded the article to make this a bit clearer.

ok !
Now we just have to Install Ubuntu Server on Local Host following this tutorial and then follow the Installation of Magento Tutorial in which you buy a Server and Install Magento On it using putty ?

Correct. It’ll take about an hour to run through both tutorials. Half of that time is spent waiting for things to install though.

Having said that, it’s not a race so take your time. Mistakes happen when you rush.

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Thanks a Lot Craig, You are Awesome.