We've made some big and better changes!

Having given it a lot of thought over the past 4-6 months, I have decided to replace the Wordpress version of the website with this one.

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Why have you decided to do this?

I was never happy with the original Wordpress site. I built it without really knowing what I wanted it to do. In an ideal world, I wanted the website to contain all of the How-to guides I could ever dream of. However, the process of creating this content took much longer than I’d anticipated - Therefore the website always felt unfinished to me.

My core values of Digital Startup are to build a community of like-minded individuals. Where we can all ask each other for help without the fear that we’re asking stupid questions.

Having had much more engagement with readers/viewers on the Community Forum, it became very clear that it should be the backbone of Digital Startup.

What happened to the Blog?

The content on the blog was becoming very outdated and irrelevant. So I copied a handful of good articles and recreated them in a post here. The remainder of the articles that never got read have been archived permanently.

What happened to the Magento 2 course?

I decided to save the Magento Course a make a home for it here. It will continue to be a work-in-progress, but I’ll give it some love over the next few weeks. It now lives here.

What happened to the Podcast?

We hadn’t released a podcast in several years. Because of this, I saw no reason to copy anything related to the podcast over to this new site.