What do you want to see in Review Videos?

I’m reviewing a bunch of extensions soon from various providers. Is there anything in particular you’d want to see in the review? Something that makes it a bit more relevant/interesting? My structure so far is:

  • How extensions aims to solve a real-world issue
  • Features/Benefits
  • Run through settings
  • Demonstration
  • 5 Things I like
  • 5 Things I don’t like

I’d like to keep the review around 10 minutes. Thoughts?

Edit: Just to clarify - I’m referring to information contained within the video, not what to do the reviews on.

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I have yet to use this, but I found it quite fascinating: https://github.com/magento/marketplace-eqp

It may be outside of the scope of your review, however it is recommend in the M2 IRC chat so it must have some credence. I have a feeling that the devs won’t like what you find :wink:

M2ePro is it still the leading marketplace connector?

I know i’m kinda late, but for future reviews, maybe you can speak about how you see world using the products and the inovation that it brings.