What do you want to see in Review Videos?

I’m reviewing a bunch of extensions soon from various providers. Is there anything in particular you’d want to see in the review? Something that makes it a bit more relevant/interesting? My structure so far is:

  • How extensions aims to solve a real-world issue
  • Features/Benefits
  • Run through settings
  • Demonstration
  • 5 Things I like
  • 5 Things I don’t like

I’d like to keep the review around 10 minutes. Thoughts?

Edit: Just to clarify - I’m referring to information contained within the video, not what to do the reviews on.

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I have yet to use this, but I found it quite fascinating: https://github.com/magento/marketplace-eqp

It may be outside of the scope of your review, however it is recommend in the M2 IRC chat so it must have some credence. I have a feeling that the devs won’t like what you find :wink:

M2ePro is it still the leading marketplace connector?

I know i’m kinda late, but for future reviews, maybe you can speak about how you see world using the products and the inovation that it brings.


Your review videos are great. I have not watched them all yet. Have you covered adding integration with other software? I am interested in using Magento and would like to integrate it with salesorder.com and fruugo.com. Both of these say they can be integrated with Magento 2.




I am interested in extensions to allow integration with other software such as Salesorder.com and Fruugo.com.


Any comments from anyone on recent subscriptions for extensions ? People ( and i personally) did purchase a large amount of Amasty subscriptions when they sell that one time purchase will be for lifetime updates … now they did enforce monthly payments on already purchased extensions … ;(