What's coming in August?

Upcoming Content

I’m currently working on 10 videos, which you’ll start seeing on the YouTube Channel this month:

  • 1x Finished
  • 3x Being written
  • 6x Ideas written on the back of a peace of paper

I don’t want to give too much away, but the content will probably be:

  • 4x Module reviews
  • 2x Informational
  • 4x Tutorial (The type most of you are waiting for)

What I will say though, is the first video is entitled “How to install and setup Elasticsearch for Magento 2 (Ubuntu)”.

Apologies for the video hiatus. But I’d rather give you good content that I’m passionate about… Rather than filler crap just for the sake of it.

Video Layout Rebrand

Oh, I also rebranded the video layout. A bit more life in them now. Let me know your thoughts…




cant wait! this will be great

Spending a few days this week post-editing audio on videos… It’s happening… Slowly but surely.

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I learned something new today. Something really important about Magento 2.3.5 that seems to have completely slipped under everyone’s radar. Therefore, it will end up being a bonus video tutorial to, as part of the set I’m producing.

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@craig That’s great, I am looking forward to the elastic search video and the other tutorials.
I have noticed that Magento has a steep learning curve, because you have to learn
1 Magento
2 Composer
3 Ubuntu (linux)
4 CLI commands
But if you are persistent enough you will manage.
If you are not affraid to make mistakes and start all over then you wil get there.
The video’s you made set me of with a great starting point.

Thanks Craig!

You raised some super-key points in your post, @kees :

  • “steep learning curve”
  • “persistent”

I’ve been sharing what I learn for many years now, and I find the ones that struggle are the ones that try to do things without knowing why they are doing it. You’ll always struggle to learn if you don’t put in the extra time. That’s why it’s so common to see the people who rush things make the mistakes. I’m not moaning, just an observation I’ve made over the years.

If you don’t know why you’re doing something, then you won’t know how to fix it when the time inevitably comes - Me 2020 :slight_smile:

I’ve learned by making mistakes… Lots of mistakes. And making lots of notes really helps, which is why Digital Startup exists. It’s for my reference just as much as everyone else.

If you’re willing to put in the time, make mistakes and repeat tasks over and over again until 4am… Then you’ll be just fine :wink:

Video: How to install and setup Elasticsearch for Magento 2 (Ubuntu)
Due: 9th July 2020 (17:00 UTC) :dizzy_face:
Subject to me not finding anything wrong when I watch it again in the morning

And so begins the weekly release of videos… Again.


A little hint about this weeks video (unless something changes). It’s to do with disk space :thinking: Expect it this Thursday.


I rearranged the schedule at the last moment because of the 2.4.0 release news. It just seemed more relevant. The other one I had scheduled will be out a week today… Probably

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Spent some of my weekend making preparations for the Install Magento 2.4 video. I’m concerned it’ll be too long as there’s so much to go over… But I guess that’s the price you pay for being thorough :man_shrugging:

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Thank you again for all your wonderful work! Can’t wait to see your 2.4 videos :slight_smile:

Ergh… Everything was going pretty smoothly until logging into Magento for the first time after the clean install. I don’t want to be forced to have an SMTP enabled server in order to complete the install.

Now I’m going to bed tired and pissed off :tired_face: :rage:


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Magento 2.4.0 2FA is so convoluted. I’ll be surprised if I get the video out this week - Whilst I do some more digging. It seems, to complete a “flawless” installation I’ll have to go down one of two paths:

  • Include setting up SMTP on the server (I’m not a DevOps channel, so this is kind of annoying)
  • Use a Development OTP workaround (which is incredibly inconvenient and I don’t want to use “workarounds”)

I’m hoping to learn of a better 3rd option in the coming days. This video is gonna be way too long either way.


After a successful live stream installation test last Thursday, I’m pleased to announce that the “How to install Magento 2.4 and build a web server” YouTube video and Instructions will be going live this Thursday :+1:

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Next video will be about Content Security Policy Whitelist Module for Magento 2.3.5+. Plus, access to a module I built to help you get all setup your end. I was hoping to get it out on Thursday, but I’ve been too busy. So expect that one on 2020-09-10T17:00:00Z

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