Why I won't be talking about PWA

Just to set some expectations, because I get asked a lot… This is why I don’t currently talk about PWA or its integration with Magento.

However, at some point in the future I might have learned enough to at least talk about integration… But that could be at least a year from now.

I suspect that a JavaScript Developer would make light work of this, without any real need to know Magento. But I could be wrong.

Below is according to the Magento PWA Docs

Required skillset

The skillset required to work with Magento themes is different from the skillset required for a PWA storefront because of the technologies used in each approach.

Magento PWA storefront developers

In addition to knowing standard JS libraries, such as jQuery and KnockoutJS, Magento theme developers need general knowledge about Magento component development and specialized knowledge about its templating and layout system.

The following table is a summary of general skills needed for PWA storefront development.

Required Skill Description My Skill Level
JavaScript Core web language 1/5
React A JS library for building user interfaces 0/5
Redux A JS library for handling application state 0/5
GraphQL An API query language 0/5
webpack Project assets bundler 0/5
Cascading Style Sheets Defines the style for a websites 4/5
CSS Modules Locally scoped style definitions 4/5
JavaScript Object Notation Data-interchange format 0/5
Peregrine React components library provided by the PWA Studio 0/5
Yarn JS package and dependency manager 0/5