Why is the Place Order action slow?

How many concurrent users do have on the site?
How many products and split between config’s and simeple/virtual?
How many attributes do you have apart from system ones?
Is your hosting shared,dedicated or vps?
Min spec I would choose would be 26GB Ram
Have you minify’d html, css and js?
If you bundled your js. undo it.
When was the last time you optimised your database?

Sadly this has nothing to do with front-end or even enabling/clearing cache. M2 place order is slow in general, and am too still trying to figure out a way around it. I’ve developed a headless store front and with that, EVERYTHING is super quick…except “placeOrder()”.

Configuring the environment might be the only way…

Now am experiencing other problems, I cant edit products also when I try to export products no products load I get

we could not fins any records

, I have tried to recompile, reindex, but nothing works, see attached

@Stephen_Oduor This issue appears unrelated to the original post. Please, can you create a dedicated post and let us know the events leading up to this issue. Such as what you were doing when it stopped working or when it worked last.

Hello Im facing the same issues, all pages moving fast except submit order which takes like 80 seconds. How did you fix it?

@Stephen_Oduor Please let me know