YouTube Announcement/Update (7th Sept)

As you may/may not know, I’ve been super-busy recently with my day-job. This meant that I didn’t post a video last week.

Well, thanks to some people letting me down this week, it’s resulted in me falling behind with my work even further. As I’ve had to learn how to build a custom module from scratch these past couple of days.

This is why there won’t be a video this week either. Like many of you, I’m in a situation where I need to turn to someone for help with my Magento 2 build. But right now I’ve got no-one reliable to turn to that I can lean on for help. My usual sources either:

  1. Don’t know the answer
  2. Give me the runaround (delays/excuses)
  3. Try to screw me (££).

It’s times like these when I remember why I started Digital Startup.

Anyway… Despite not doing another video this week, I will be checking in on this forum everyday to see if you guys need anything. :heartpulse:

P.S. If you’re a Certified Magento 2 Professional Developer and want to get in touch, PM me.