2FA and Google reCAPTCHA now supported

I received this email from Magento when I was away last week.

I’m mostly excited about the 2FA for security purposes. I’ll cover a video on the installation process soon :grinning:

New Google reCAPTCHA and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) functionality now available in Magento

Magento has added Google reCAPTCHA and 2FA functionality to all Magento Open Source versions 2.1 and above. The reCAPTCHA and 2FA Authentication modules provide enhanced security to protect your Magento instance by reducing unauthorized access and greatly reducing spam.

What are 2FA and Google reCAPTCHA?
Google reCAPTCHA technology is used to help restrict access to your Magento Admin or store to humans only, not bots. The reCAPTCHA module provides enhanced security when compared to the Magento CAPTCHA module. Its additional benefits include support for invisible reCAPTCHA.

2FA Authentication adds support for software authentication apps and hardware authentication devices provided by Google Authenticator, Authy, U2F devices, and Duo Security, among others.

Instructions for Installation
Full details are available in the Magento Open Source User Guides:

Magento Open Source 2.1.x:
Installing Google reCAPTCHA
Installing Two-Factor Authentication

Magento Open Source 2.2.x:
Installing Google reCAPTCHA
Installing Two-Factor Authentication

Special Thanks
Magento would like to give special thanks to Riccardo Tempesta of MageSpecialist, who contributed greatly to this code. MageSpecialist is a Magento Professional Solution Partner and Magento 2 Trained Partner.

Best regards,
The Magento Security Team