404 Page when using admin slug

Hello! i have been watching the videos and have loved the series thanks.

Ran into an issue: I went to my hosting service (godaddy) and clicked on the link for the admin page, this had been working but redirected me to a 404.

I therefore thought I might have changed the slug accidentally so checked in the env.php file and the slug for the admin was still the same (however I noticed this was last updated before I may have accidently changed it/not remember changing it).

I therefore tried to connect to the server to change the URL slug but after entering shh root@IPADRESS I recieved the notification ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer.

Now i’m bloody confused and would love some help, cheers.


Do you still have access to your Cpanel in GoDaddy? Can you access SSH over that?


Hi @Vincent_Hughes and welcome.

Has the admin URL ever worked? As this is a common result when the Apache Rewrite Module is not enabled.