9sec load times on all pages.. HELP!

Hi We recently migrated from M1 and we have had lots of trouble. modules not working together, super slow server, etc, Im getting really desperate and want some specialist to look at our site and point problems.

We have 14 Amasty Modules and few that was installed but then removed.
We run 2.3.5 version and Porto Theme.

Ledlightstore.org (server and english site) and ledstore.fi (our main domain)
English site rung somehow, but for some reason Finnish site is VERY slow…
We have also Latest PHP, etc…

Hi @jhalttu and welcome.

There can be a plethora of reasons why you’re experiencing this. Here are some quick wins you can look at Why is Magento 2 so slow? 12 EASY Tips to make Magento 2 faster.

If it’s server related, then you’re better off asking unix.stackexchange.com as a deep dive into server configuration is out of scope of this forum.

Hi we have same issues and I checked your website and its pretty fast and its loading lighting fast, did u able to resolve it now