A review of Digital Startup

I could not find any actual reviews on Digital Startup, and I really think there ought to be one. I have been struggling with Magento on my own, with only the aide of Magento’s online documentation, for a few weeks now. Somehow I stumbled across Craig’s site and I could not be happier. Craig does a superb job of making the install, configuration, and use of Magento simple and attainable by anyone.

My only concern, which everyone should share, is whether or not Craig earns enough from this site to maintain it in the long term. My experience has been that unless a service is adequately profitable to its provider, no matter how remarkably excellent that service is for customers, the service disappears, much to the disappointment of the customers.

I made my donation, and I hope to make more. I would encourage others to do the same if they want this service to be around next year, or the year after.


Thank you for your donation :heartbeat:. Every penny goes a long way to help support the community.

For those who would like to contribute to the community but are unable to donate, there are other ways to show your support:

  • Hanging out on the forum and answering questions when you can
  • Sharing things that you’ve learned along the way (Journal)
  • Starting meaningful discussions to help you make informed decisions
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I donated. Thank you!! I love your videos


Thank you for your support, @billyf


ok you convinced me
I decided to listen to you

I just donated. Thank you Craig! Love your contents about Magento!

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