After Magento 2.4.2 installation I'm not getting email with 2FA configuration link


Basically what title says.

After installing newest version of Magento (2.4.2) using Craig’s tutorial with few tweaks I’m supposed to get email which will allow me to configure 2FA for admin panel.

I’m not getting such mail despite trying two times the whole process and triple checking all the commands during installation process.

So for the time being I disabled the module, as I’m working on dev version atm, but I’d like to use 2FA in production later on.

Do you have any idea what causes such problem?
I’m guessing SMTP needs additional configuration in 2.4.2 (versus 2.4.0 which was the target in tutorial).

I’d appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Hi Michal,

I did this some time ago but from what I remember from Craig’s tutorial when you install Install Postfix you will receive an email to set up 2FA. Even on development env. run on virtual box.

Hope it will help.



the problem is I had done everything as in tutorial and I got to the point in which the mail shoud’ve been sent.

I simply do not recieve email to set 2FA up.

Hope it claryfies what my problem is.

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