All Shipping Options Showing Twice

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Craig @digitalstartup has been amazingly helpful and I hope you don’t mind me ansking another question.

In my shopping cart each shipping method is displayed twice. Is there a common setting reason for this or something that is more coding releated? I’m using the Amasty payment / shipping module which lets you tell Magento who can have what shipping and payment options. Not sure if it’s something to do with that? It has been working ok without the duplicate issue but now out of the blue is doing this. The customer is not charged twice, it still only adds one amount to the price. It just looks odd and a bit confusing for customers.

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I’m not familiar with that Amasty module. I’ve seen something similar years ago and it was related to Caching… Specifically, I think Varnish was to blame. Intermittent (“out of the blue”) issues like this are usually an indicator of such a problem.

  • Do you have any Cull Page Caching technology that you can clear?
  • Is this issue being display in Production Mode? Can it be reproduced in Developer Mode?