Any experience with litextension?


i am new here and this is an amazing resource.Thank you!.

I am in need of a fast M1 to M2 migration. I know the best thing to do is to take your time and see that everything works as supposed to but this is what an client wants. So in my research about M1 to M2 migrations i came across litextension. The price seems reasonable.

Does anyone have experience with this extension/tool?
If so, do you recommend it?

thank you,


Hi @loopyNid and welcome.

They’re not a company I’ve ever dealt with before. In fact the name doesn’t ring a bell either. Personally, I used Migration Pro by Ubertheme. It did a good job when I needed it back in 2018, but it was expensive.

I might do a video on this one day, but I’d need to get my hands on an old M1 site first.

I’ve used Lit extension a few times and highly recommend their service. I’ve used them to migrate from Magento 1.9 to Shopify, and more recently to migrate back from Shopify to Magento 2, all with great success. They can also custom code for things like importing into extensions, or only exporting active accounts etc, which is often worthwhile when migrating to get rid of the dead accounts.
Your cost is based on entities, and is the highest amount, os if you have 2000 customers and 10,000 orders, you will need to pay for 10,000 to get the info across.

Ask for a discount on their sales page (their chat support is great) and they usually offer 5 or 10% there and then

Hope the above helps

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