Any tips on removing porto completely from the system?

Aside from going through the code and removing the actual files/folders one at a time, any recommendations here? I am attempting to update to 2.4.1, which I did, but I get a failure on compilation afterwards due to a compatibility issue with a bundled extension with porto. I did try to disable that extension, however it is still trying to use it in compilation for some reason. I’m far enough along where I’d like to rip porto out of the system completely now. Oh how I wish I didn’t go down that rabbit hole.

Once I remove all the files, I would imagine that I need to update the composer file and remove the extensions that were registered (mageplaza stuff) when dragging and dropping all the files into the magento directory structure.

Other than finding the related tables in the DB and dropping them, is there anything else I should look out for here or that I’m missing?

Edit: Actually, I don’t even see them in the composer.json. Will deleting the files in the file structure be enough or are they “registered” somewhere else? I hate drag and drop installs. That’s M1 style and way outdated IMO. I hate it. lol

For anyone else looking to do this, simply download the original porto file and look at all the directories/files and delete them from your magento install manually. It really didn’t take too long to do this as the majority of the directories/files in neested within a handful of folders that can all be deleted at once. Of course, take a backup of your site before proceeding. I did backup some of my porto files just in case I ever did want to go back to using porto for some reason.

This took care of the extensions they installed and nothing more was needed. I could probably find some database tables that could be dropped, but I don’t have time to deal with that right now.

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Typically, when I remove a module, I’ll use one of the following (depending on how I installed it):

  • composer remove vendor/package (Installed via composer)
  • bin/magento module:uninstall Vendor_Package (Not installed via composer)

Both should also update the DB too, assuming the module is written properly.

Thanks. I’ll have to give that a shot next time I want to remove a module without a composer install.

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