Assigning each Store View a Unique Domain

Hi Craig, hi guys,

After a long battle I was able to install my language packs. A BIG THANK YOU for you Craig for your time and checking on this for me!!!
By the way it is very simple.
My currencies are also set up.

Now I would like to configure Magento so each store view loads with a unique domain.
I.e. for the UK, for Germany and for France

The link below explain how to add new website, store, store view in the Magento admin panel.
It is pretty easy.

I’m trying to digest this doc:

I’m guessing I need to modify the virtual host configuration file.
I’m guessing it is the file “000-default.conf” in /etc/apache2/sites-available directory. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Using surper user account a run the following command:

sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf

My 000-default.conf looks as follow: (I deleted all commented lines to reduce the number of text )


I have two store views other than the default: and
My both website and store codes are the same

website code - “default”,
store code - “main_website_store”

Only store views codes differ. For the French language “fr” for German “de” and for my default English language - “default”

And here I’m a bit confused.
As I understand from the article I need to create 2 additional virtual hosts for 2 store views and the existing one hmmm…

Should I add the bellow?

Thank you for any help, suggestion, link video.


I haven’t done a setup like this since probably 2013/4… Perhaps this post can shed some light: Configure multiple domain names on apache2


Im still diging in it and trying to find our some more info.

Found this
but it will take me ages to digest it and no neccessairly how to figure out how to bite is and implement correctly.

If anyone knows how to do it please contribite.
Thank you.


The link you sent me gives a bit of light on the toppic but my innitial setting didn’t work.

I have a SSL installed on my default domain which make it a bit complicated.
I need to siplify it at frist. I’ll remove the cetificate then I’ll start playing with the multi-domain set up and finally I’ll try to install the ssl. And again it will be tricky. How to install a few certificats for each domains.

If anyone know how to configure please let me know.